Maternity Nurse Job Description

Maternity Nurse is an experienced professional who provides care to mothers before, during and after childbirth. Maternity Nurse advices and carries out all duties in relation to the care of a mother and a new-born baby during those first crucial weeks following the birth. Her primary responsibility is to care for a new-born baby, establish healthy routines and ensure that both a mother and a baby are taken care of in those early weeks following the birth. Maternity Nurses have years of experience and qualifications, and many are being called maternity practitioners or postnatal carers.



Families looking for a Maternity Nurse through our agency usually require at least 1 year of relevant experience in the UK, qualifications, verifiable references, Paediatric First Aid and CRB/DBS check.

Maternity Nurse duties:

  • To support breastfeeding
  • To support parents
  • To initiate a schedule for sleeping, meals, nap and play-time
  • To keep a daily journal of babies’ schedules, medications and development
  • To feed babies (may include shopping for food and other baby related items)
  • To sterilize, clean and prepare bottles
  • To bath babies and keep the bathroom tidy
  • To maintain all supplies / restock baby care items
  • To sort babies’ clothing
  • To keep the nursery tidy
  • To keep age appropriate toys safe and in good working order
  • To run baby related errands as directed
  • To transport babies to activities and appointments

Maternity Nurse salary guide, based on current market*

Position Hours Salary net
Single baby 24hrs £180 +
Day or Night 8-12hrs £14 – £16+ph
Bank Holidays 1.5 or 2 times usual rate

* Salaries depend on the amount of working hours and days in the week, candidates’ experience, qualifications and particular skills.