Employment Tips

Employing staff for the first time


Employing staff for the first time can be difficult and confusing…

That is why Empire Nannies&Housekeepers consultants are happy to help You during this process and advise where to find the best help possible!


Generally speaking, You are an employer if you deduct tax and National Insurance contributions from an employee’s wages.


7 things you need to do when employing staff for the first time:


  1. Make decision how much You are willing to pay to Your future employee (for domestic staff earnings please visit our website on Nanny, Housekeeper and Maternity earnings).
  2. Make sure that Your future employee has the legal right to work in the UK and had other employment and background checks run as well. Empire Nannies&Housekeepers consultants are here to do this job for you! We work closely with Civil&Corporate which is a government agency helping us to process CRB/DBS checks of our candidates, and with Home Office where from we gain all necessary information in regards to laws on employment in the UK. Our consultants are also busy carefully checking all candidates’ IDs, passports and visas, proofs of current addresses, with a good eye to details making sure the documents mentioned above are original and legitimate (copies of these document are being held in our database), and all these documents are being handed to our consultants during face to face interviews. After the interviews we verify the candidates’ references and we run additional background checks on them. ONLY after the checks mentioned above are clear we decide to register the candidates with our agency.
  3. Make sure Your future employee possesses up to date, or is willing to apply for, a DBS check (formerly known as a CRB check) which is a check related to criminal record. As mentioned in point 2 we work closely with Civil&Corporate which is a government agency helping us to process CRB/DBS checks of our candidates.
  4. Consider getting employment insurance – You need employers’ liability insurance as soon as You become an employer. Empire Nannies&Housekeepers works closely with Nannytax payroll experts who provide Enable insurance services (employers liability insurance for nanny employers). For more information, please visit www.enableinsurance.co.uk or call 020 3137 4570. Please quote Empire Nannies&Housekeepers while speaking with Enable insurance experts!
  5. Make sure You send details of the job in writing to Your employee. You need to give Your employee a written statement of employment/contract of employment if You are employing someone for more than 1 month. Again, Empire Nannies&Housekeepers consultants are here to do this job for you, FREE of charge! If You wish we can provide You with a template of up to date employment contract, we can fill it in for You and prepare all details, so You and Your future employee sign the contract without any hassle and confusion!
  6. Make sure You tell HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC) by registering as an employer (please visit www.gov.uk/register-employer for more information). You can do this up to 4 weeks before You pay Your new employee.  You must register before the first payday and it can take up to 2 weeks, but You cannot register more than 2 months before You start paying Your employee. You can register as a new employer online.
  7. Make sure to check if You need to automatically enrol Your employee into a workplace pension scheme. Employers will have to provide a workplace pension for eligible employees by 2018 which is called ‘automatic enrolment’. For more information, when You will need to start enrolling Your employees, which depends on how many people are on Your payroll, please visit http://www.thepensionsregulator.gov.uk/employers/staging-date.aspx. This is known as Your ‘staging date’.




You are considered the employer of a Nanny, Housekeeper or Maternity if:

  • You hire them
  • they are not self-employed or paid through an agency

Mentioned above means You have certain responsibilities, including meeting the employee’s rights and deducting the right tax.



Employees’ rights


Anyone You employ must:

  • have an employment contract
  • be given payslips
  • not work more than the maximum hours allowed per week
  • be paid at least the market wage or the wage agreed and stated in the employment contract
  • be paid on time (date agreed and stated in the employment contract) by the means agreed and stated in the employment contract


If the employees meet the eligibility requirements, they are also entitled to: 


Details mentioned above must be discussed and agreed between the employer and the employee before signing the employment contract, and must be stated in the employment contract.


For more information on PAYROLL, and if You would like to hire a specialist to deal with payroll for You, please get in touch with Nannytax!


Please quote Empire Nannies&Housekeepers while speaking with Nannytax experts!





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